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Friday, September 27, 2019 1:26:51 AM

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How to Watch Cricket World Cup Live on Your PC, Smartphone, or Tablet

US Open Hotstar: Online Sports Entertainment Star Sports, keeps up with the paradigm shift in the way people watch television these days by having an online streaming platform available for computers, laptops, and other mobile devices.

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Its name is Hotstar and is only available in India. The Challenges of Geo-blocking You have seen the broad catalogue of tournaments, games, and events that Star Sports can show.

However, there is one issue: the service is made by and for the people living in India, and therefore it is blocked for international audiences other than some of the countries in the area.

It is called geo-blocking when a network or platforms restrict its content for licensing reasons that go hand in hand with its geographical location.

Tata Sky Mobile App

This is common with most sites and streaming services in the world, including Netflix , Hulu, the BBC iPlayer, and thousands more. However, there are workarounds to overcome this issue.

With a VPN Virtual Private Network you will be able to enter the Hotstar streaming site without no issues, as long as the brand you choose has servers in India.

Geo-locking is not personal: in fact, it recognized IP addresses, and it needs an Indian one to show its best features. VPNs are online apps that offer; in addition to unblocking magic, privacy, and security.

They will create a virtual tunnel to hide your IP address and shared content online from hackers, governmental surveillance agencies, Internet Service Providers , online advertisers, and networks that apply geoblocking.

A reliable VPN, like IPBurger , will be able to secure your traffic from snooping due to its robust encryption and sound privacy policy. IPBurger also has the ability to offer shared and dedicated IP addresses, optimized for your performed activities.

Hotstar Temporarily Unavailable for users in Europe

It has servers in India, so you can use it to unblock Star Sports from abroad. Register for the VPN service. Usually, the system asks for your email and name.

Also, you would have to provide a valid payment method.

Star Sports 2 Live Streaming

Create a username and a passphrase. Download the client or app compatible with your operating system. Install it on your device.

Indi: Star Sports Channel

After installation, launch the VPN app. Connect to an Indian VPN server. You can now watch live games and other sports-related content.

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