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Monday, January 27, 2020 7:35:16 PM


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Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa There is a very fair argument that Tagovailoa qualifies as a player to watch for the remainder of his career at Alabama, but Saturday could be another game in which records are in jeopardy. The Aggies also do not pressure the opposing quarterback well, as they are near the bottom of the SEC in sacks.

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A combination of an iffy secondary and pass rush could mean another career day for Tagovailoa. Their opponents have been getting into the backfield easily, with Auburn recording seven tackles for a loss and three sacks and Arkansas recording eight tackles for a loss and four sacks.

Davis has not had the senior season he desired with just one tackle for a loss and no sacks, so this could be the week he finds his rhythm.

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LB Shane Lee Two weeks ago, Ole Miss quarterback John Rhys Plumlee was able to get to the edge easily on his designed runs and scrambles, which kept the Alabama defense on the field longer.

Lee has been a quality inside linebacker but has failed to make his presence known on the edge, including against Ole Miss. His ability to make catches in tight windows could pose a problem for the Crimson Tide if Mond can pinpoint his throws.

  • We are home this Friday night in our annual game to benefit the fight against juvenile cancer, and then head on the road for a big game in Kansas on Sunday. I hope you enjoy!
  • The team scored 29 goals in — the Bears' most since — tallied 11 victories in — the team's most since — and finished second in the Ivy League standings in — the Bears' highest finish in the league since
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Ausbon ranks last in the SEC in yards after the catch with just 2. LB Buddy Johnson After the Aggies lost most of their linebacking corps from last year, Johnson has taken control of the defense.

He has made an impact in the run game with 5. Yards after the catch are where Alabama gives opposing defenses the most trouble, so if Johnson can assist his defensive backs by controlling the middle of the field, the Crimson Tide could have to make major in-game adjustments.

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