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His empirical fields of research are based on Formula 1 races, and very often, he incorporates his research findings to his teachings, offering MBA students engaging lessons on the principles of teamwork, leadership and innovation. Growing up, I remember having discussions with him about the intricacies of F1 and whether it was the car, driver or the technology that mattered. Today, Paolo is a go-to commentator and strategic advisor within the motorsport industry. A particular area of interest for Paolo is in the issue of the gender divide in the F1 sport.

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what channel is the fury fight on

Formula 1 Grand Prix For most people, it would seldom be advisable to strip off in public in a strict Muslim country, but Lewis Hamilton is not one to allow cultural norms to deter him.

As the expensive champagne sluiced all over his exposed torso, Hamilton surely felt he had found the defining image for a season of unanswerable dominance. Truth be told, his Middle-Eastern hosts looked on nonplussed while he showed off a part of his body covered with a crucifix and the title of a Maya Angelou poem.

But perhaps he could be forgiven the indulgence.

How to watch F1 on TV in Dubai

If ever a campaign reflected his credo of rising above the adversity of his early life, it was this one. With an 11th victory to equal his previous highest total in , Hamilton delivered a crowning testament to his supremacy.

What was supposed to have been the tensest of duels with Sebastian Vettel, his closest rival, ended up being decided in his favour by 88 points.

Abu Dhabi F1 GP Tickets

Hamilton once had a habit of shutting down psychologically as soon as the championship was secured, never winning a race beyond the moment of glory, but this time he kept his foot to the floor until the final curtain call. Hamilton secured an 11th victory to equal his previous highest total in Credit: Getty Images At the end, Hamilton stood on the track alongside the vanquished Vettel, offering a gallant tribute.

He knew his duel with Hamilton should have been sustained longer, and that a golden chance to add to his own four titles had been squandered.

After prevailing at Silverstone, the German held an eight-point advantage over Hamilton, only to slither off track from the lead of his home grand prix at Hockenheim.

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From there, he won just one of This entire race had an end-of-term flavour. First there was Kimi Raikkonen, ending his Ferrari career aged 39 with a power failure and striding off into the sunset with scarcely a backward glance.

Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix programme

Then came Fernando Alonso, setting the seal on his 18 years in the sport with a few burn-outs for a crowd, but hardly looking like he wanted to go overboard about finishing 11th. Nico Hulkenberg suffered a crash on the opening lap Credit: Pixel Hamilton was so relaxed in the build-up to his race that he found time to film a mock hostage video with Hollywood actor Will Smith, which involved him being tied to a chair in the team garage.

He has signed a two-year contract extension at Mercedes, and there is every sign of him tightening his grip at the top until the end of , possibly beyond. The records of Michael Schumacher, with his seven titles and 91 wins, now look eminently catchable.

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