What Is The Largest Watched Sporting Event

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The most-watched soccer game in US television history remains the World Cup final, in which Germany beat Argentina in extra time. That garnered The NFL has mastered the art of monetizing the Super Bowl, with the half-time commercials having become almost as big a part of the spectacle as the action on the field. The Champions League final, on the other hand, reserves most of its advertising slots for sponsors who committed to the entire team tournament from the outset, meaning the final itself adds little to the revenue pot by comparison to the Super Bowl.

The Most Watched Sporting Events In The World

Every day there are hundreds of sports being televised across the world, but which sporting events have attracted the most viewers ever?

India v Pakistan At The Cricket World Cup Is The Biggest Sporting Event In The World This Weekend

Counting down the top five to date, here are the most watched sporting events ever: UEFA Champions League Final Football has a strong following around the world, with particularly strong leagues around Europe.

FA Cup Final Football again commands the fourth place for most watched sporting events in history. This fixture between Manchester United and Arsenal was a pretty dull affair with no goals scored in open play.

  • Below are some of the largest known sporting crowds.
  • NBA Finals The globalization of basketball still hasn't led to major ratings across the world China reported 16… The globalization of basketball still hasn't led to major ratings across the world China reported 16 million viewers for the decisive game in last year's playoffs , but with countries getting the Finals on television broadcast in nearly 50 languages , the opportunity for growth is there.
  • Posted by Smashing Lists Leave a comment Sport is an integral part of human identity, the need to compete with one another stems right back to the earlier days- when rivalries would be settled usually with intensely violent physical confrontation.
  • These outdoor events bring in millions, sometimes even billions of viewers for a single game!
  • Most Popular Sports in The World 1. Association football, commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball.

As more people went to find out the score, they realized it had gone to a penalty shoot out, drawing more and more viewers to catch the exciting finale of the shoot out. Arsenal finally won the game on penalties against a Manchester United team that had experienced a lot more success in the years leading up to the final.

Most Premier League betting operators would have backed Manchester United to win this one before the game. Just short of million viewers watched the game at some point of the live show.

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The Word Cup Final saw over million viewers tune in to see who would be victorious out of France and Italy. This fixture is remembered by many for the ridiculous actions of French star, Zinedane Zidane, who decided to head butt one of his opposing players.

This was another match that went to a penalty shootout where Italy went on to win the game, and add to their previous successes.

The Cricket World Cup in amassed over 1 billion viewers worldwide. The match that gained this level of attention was the fixture between the cricketing giants of Pakistan and India. After a thrilling match, the Indian team was triumphant over their biggest rivals in the cricket world.

Football Whispers

Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony The popularity of the Olympic Games opening ceremonies has surely attracted massive numbers of viewers over the recent events. The opening ceremony in Beijing was watched by at least 1 billion viewers, according to Reuters, while other sources estimated that the viewing figures were actually much higher.

So, if you thought the Super Bowl viewings were big with the record standing at million, you can see that there are other events drastically more popular, ready for you to also enjoy and watch!

Now that eSports are becoming more and more popular and FIFA 17 gaming matches are being broadcasted live on television, do you think it is possible to someday reaches this TOP 5?

What Is the Most Watched Sporting Event in the World?

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