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Thursday, January 30, 2020 7:45:45 AM

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Gay rugby championship coming to Nashville

As the club heads into their first game of the season in a few short weeks, the Belmont Ruggers are working on getting more exposure on campus. After the army, Ward wanted to go back to school and continue his education.

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  • By Parthenon Staff June 15th, Historically, Nashville has been known for its music, food and southern hospitality more than its ever been called a sports town. Despite the fact that they play different games, we noticed they all have something in common: they are all equally impressive with their social media presence and incredibly engaged with their large fan bases.

Ward started playing rugby his senior year of high school. As he saw his friends play, he immediately saw rugby as a different type of sport.

  • There are a wide variety of options, and it is much more than basketball, football and hockey.
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  • Greg Wyshynski: Recency bias alert! The experience of watching a game in Las Vegas is something I've never experienced before.
  • Marc Sullivan, president of the foundation, said it was formed 12 years ago, and has kept quiet; no website for the organization can be found. Local high schools, like Brentwood, Franklin, and Independence all have teams, as well as several local middle schools.

Rugby is a little bit of football and soccer, mixed in with a dash of wrestling. Ward saw the game as a manly sport.

As he continued to play in high school, the coaching he received set the standard for his view of rugby.

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At Belmont, after playing a friendly match against the University of North Alabama, Ward was able to see how much the team had been growing. You can only pass backwards, but you can kick forward.

Rugby was the predecessor to football.

And for anyone that may be interested in playing rugby, the best way to get involved would be to join the guys at practice. They meet Tuesday and Thursday nights in the recreation fields at Vanderbilt University from 7 pm to 9 pm. Unlike other sports, there is no set team, and the door is open to join!

Hoagland admits that learning that her son, the rugby player and fraternity boy, was gay came as a surprise.

The rugby club information is posted on BruinLink, or feel free to contact Brandon Ward with any questions.

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