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The stadium, which seats 50, spectators, has also held iconic sporting moments like the Empire Games, the and Cricket World Cups, and the controversial Springbok Rugby Tour. The home stadium is where both rural and sporting aspects come alive, thanks to its regional mascot: the dairy cow. This sporting venue is particularly known for its energetic atmosphere, as well as hosting regular matches against Australian and New Zealand teams — meaning that you can catch a game almost every weekend. Dunedin is a student town, so this venue is always filled with a party-like spirit.

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With 48 games scheduled over six weeks September 20 to November 2, , the ninth RWC begins with the host country, Japan, taking on Russia at Tokyo Stadium the full list of game fixtures can be found here. Cycle the Noto Coastline and through the Japanese Alps Starting in Kanazawa — renowned for its tea ceremonies, regional handicrafts, Noh theatres and Kaga cooking experiences — there are plenty of ways to get your cultural fix before pedalling your way to the popular Chirihama Beach driveway.

Our seven day Noto Coastline and Highlands Cycle will see you riding between rice fields towards the rugged coastline, passing small fishing villages, local shrines and fishermen at work along the way. Sample the famous Hida beef in Takayama and learn about traditional salt works used years ago, trying your hand at spraying seawater, which sounds easy but takes years to master.

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As you follow beautiful coastlines, where many of the paths are on quiet back roads, each day offers a change of scenery — from a coastal landscape to a mountainous backdrop. For those nervous about steep climbs or the long journey by bike, e-bikes are available on this adventure.

Dates: 11 Sep — 20 Sep Duration: 10 days 7 days cycling Grading: Moderate 5 Games you can catch post-trip: You can still catch the RWC opening ceremony in Tokyo on September 20 by catching a four-hour train from Gifu, which is where the tour ends. Alternatively, travel to Osaka approximately 2.

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Our 6 day Noto Coastline Cycle is a shortened version of our Noto Coastline and Highland Cycle and includes all the best cycling, culinary highlights and colourful culture. This trip finishes after a well deserved breakfast at the 1, year old luxury Wakura Onsen, one of Japan's best hot spring resorts.

Dates: 11 Sep — 16 Sep Duration: 6 days 4 days cycling Grading: Moderate 5 Games you can catch post-trip: You'll have plenty of time to catch the opening ceremony in Tokyo on September Catch a five hour bullet train from Wakura Onsen Station to Tokyo and spend a few days exploring the vibrant hive of activity in the city before turning your attention to the rugby.

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We have a number of exciting Japan trips running from May to September. Take a look at our full list of Japan trips and dates here.

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